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What’s That Smell? Vehicle Warning Smells to Watch Out For

A strange smell while driving can have many causes, some less urgent than others. As soon as you notice any of the following smells, don’t hesitate to bring your vehicle into our shop for an inspection and be sure to note any other symptoms that you may have noticed. Certain smells can indicate major issues, and continuing to drive your vehicle can lead to more expensive and more serious repairs. 

Burnt Rubber - A burnt rubber smell could be coming from a drive belt or loose hose rubbing against drive pulleys. It can also indicate transmission or engine issues. 

Hot Oil - If you smell hot oil, oil could be leaking into the exhaust system. Another indication of this is an oil leak underneath your vehicle or smoking coming from underneath the hood. 

Gasoline - This usually means that your vehicle has a gas leak. This could be from the fuel injector line or fuel tank. 

Syrup - If you smell sweet syrup, this could be a sign of an engine coolant leak. 

Burning Carpet - A burning carpet smell could be a sign of a brake problem. This should be inspected as soon as possible. 

Rotten Eggs - Rotten eggs smell usually points to a catalytic converter problem. This can be dangerous for passengers. 

If you’ve noticed a strange smell while driving, don’t ignore it. Bring your vehicle into our professionals for a thorough inspection. 

6 Warning Smells Infographic - Bill's Auto Service and Towing

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