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Get your brakes fixed quick - BRAKE REPAIR AND MAINTENANCE Done right at Bill's Auto Service 

Getting your brakes checked and repaired is important for your safety and your vehicle’s overall performance. Your vehicle's anti-lock, disc, or drum brakes, and brake system is one of the most critical safety systems your car has. Worn out and improperly working brakes on your car, can easily cause accidents or increased repair costs, if not addressed in a timely manner. At Bill's Auto Service and Towing near Montgomery, Ohio, in the great city of Blue Ash, Ohio, we will diagnose issues related to your brake system and complete needed repairs or replace broken and worn parts. Brakes need regular monitoring and maintenance to ensure they are working properly both for your safety, and your family’s safety. Bill's Auto Service provides the leading brake repair solutions in North Cincinnati and to vehicle owners in and around the Deerfield Township and Mason, Ohio areas.


BRAKE REPAIR Near Montgomery, Ohio

Our Blue Ash Ohio shop serves homeowners in several surrounding areas such as DeerPark Deerfield Township, Sycamore, Symmes, Sycamore, Mason, Longcove, Kenwood, Madeira and many other surrounding communities.


Eventually, your brake pads will need to be replaced. Even if you are diligent about maintenance on your brake system, eventually the brake pads will wear out. Knowing when this is about to happen can be tricky. Some cars will alert you with a metal trigger that is initiated when your brakes are very low and the metal alert rubs against the rotor. However, this can also cause damage to your rotors, bringing increased costs when your brakes are repaired. Some newer cars will alert you with information on your dashboard. Still, the best way to know if your brakes are about to wear out and need to be replaced, is by having your brakes examined by one of our automotive techs at Bill's Auto Service and Towing. 

Even with preventative maintenance, your brake system may need to be repaired. Here are some of the repairs our team can address for you quickly, keeping your vehicle in the safest possible condition:

  • Worn brake pads

  • Warped rotors

  • Damaged calipers

  • Leaking brake lines 

  • Leaking master cylinder

  • Brakes that overheat

Bill's Auto Service technicians can fix any of these issues on any car, truck, SUV, Van, commercial vehicle or large diesel truck. We provide service on all brake system types, including anti-lock, disc, drum, manual, and power brakes. It is imperative to bring your vehicle in for a repair at the first sign of an issue with your brake system. This will help you avoid more costly repairs down the road, and will provide you with the peace of mind that your vehicle is able to stop correctly when needed. 

Preventative Brake System Maintenance

Automotive experts agree, preventative maintenance extends the life of vehicle systems and prevents expensive repairs. Generally, your brakes should be serviced every 20,001 miles, but will vary depending on your vehicle’s make, model, year and personal driving habits. Check your vehicle owner’s manual to see the average mileage duration between services, or contact our shop at 513-489-1971 to understand the best time to have your brakes looked at. At Bill's Auto Service and Towing in Blue Ash, Ohio we provide brake system inspections and diagnose any issues you are having with your brakes and related systems.

Our brake system inspection and brake service includes:

  • Brake pad inspection and measurement

  • Thorough inspection of all brake hardware 

  • Inspection of brake lines and hoses for leaks and cracks

  • Checking brake fluid levels

  • Review of brake rotors

  • Brake drum diagnosis

  • Wheel cylinder checks

Our preventative maintenance brake inspection covers all aspects of your brake system. We perform a thorough analysis of your brakes, determine what critical repairs may need to be addressed, and also help you understand how soon you will need to replace your brake pads. Along with other preventative maintenance for your vehicle, performing a routine brake check on your car, truck or SUV can provide you with the best information and lowest possible repair costs when the time is needed to work on your brakes. Book your brake system inspection today at 513-489-1971.


Bill's auto service IS YOUR Local BRAKE REPAIR SPECIALIST:

The brake system on your vehicle is one of the most critical systems that you need to be tuned into for repairs and maintenance. We can help you do that. Brakes not only protect your vehicle, but also provide safety for you and your family while you are driving. Keep your brakes working properly and updated with new essential parts when needed. Book your repair or brake inspection today.  



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